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Loiret & Haëntjens imports and distributes a full range of unrefined cane sugars from Reunion Island as well as cane sugars from other origins to Europe.

For more than 20 years, Loiret-Haentjens has also been one of Europe’s market leaders in organically-produced sugars from South America and Asia, as well as more recently in the fair trade sugar market. 

Loiret & Haentjens offers a full range of white and brown sugars, conventional, organic and fair trade, to meet the specific needs of industrial processors and distributors.

White sugar

European origin corresponding to quality no. 2 or imported, we offer different qualities of white cane and beet sugar: 

Granulated Sugar

Grain size: average opening between 0.45 and 0.85mm

Pack sizes: bulk, 1,000kg big bag, 50kg, 25kg and 20kg bags

Uses: biscuits, chocolate and drinking chocolate powders, drinks and syrups, yogurts, fruit jams and conserves, confectionary 

Caster Sugar

Made by sifting granulated sugar, it offers a very consistent product 

Grain size: average opening between 0.3 and 0.50mm

Pack sizes: 1,000kg big bag, 25kg and 20kg bags

Uses: biscuits, baking

Icing Sugar

Made from grinding granulated sugar, it can be natural or starchy (addition of 3% potato starch, as an anti-caking agent). 

Grain size: average opening between 0.03 and 0.06mm

Pack sizes: 25kg, 20kg and 5kg bags

Uses: baking, confectionary 

Brown cane sugars

These sugars are manufactured directly from sugar cane juice.

Unrefined, they keep the aroma and subtle flavour of the sugar cane.

Origin: Reunion Island, Caribbean, Indian Ocean…


  • Demerara cane sugar
  • Light brown cane sugar
  • Dark brown cane sugar
  • Muscovado cane sugar

Pack sizes: 25kg paper bags, 1-ton and 1.1-ton big bags

Uses: biscuits, baking, confectionary, fruit jams and conserves…

Organic cane sugar

With expertise acquired over more than 200 years in the production and trade of cane sugar, Loiret et Haentjens has forged real partnerships with various Organic sugar producers located in Central America, Latin America and even Asia.

White, golden or brown, these organic cane sugars are ECOCERT certified.

We guarantee traceability and compliance with Organic production methods, which prohibit the use of all chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Pack sizes: 0.5kg and 1kg powder and cubes for distribution, 25kg paper bags, 1-ton big bags, 1.1-ton for manufacturers


  • Organic white cane sugar is particularly suitable for use in drinks, syrups, dairy products and jams. Its low coloration in solution is a great asset.
  • Golden and brown cane sugars are predominantly used in the production of biscuits, jams, ready meals, but are also very popular in everyday domestic use…
Fair Trade cane sugar

Loiret & Haëntjens offers a wide range of Fair Trade and Organic Fair Trade cane sugars aimed at the Processing Industries as well as the household market.

Certifications: Max Havelaar or Ecosocial, 

Pack sizes: powder: 1kg, cubes: 0.5kg, irregular cubes for distribution: 1-ton big bags, 25kg paper bags for manufacturers

Our trips to production zones in Africa and Latin America have allowed us to see how purchasing Fair Trade sugar is really helping to improve living and working condition for small disadvantaged producers and their families, while promoting respect for the environment.

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